Taking portrait picture

by Enche Tjin on July 20, 2008

Portrait pictures (People photography) is probably of the most important in learning photography. Many people takes portrait pictures but only a few produce a good results.

portrait-photoSeveral tips for better portrait photography using digital SLR or digital camera:

  • Set camera to portrait mode or set aperture to be the biggest as possible (for example f/2.8)
  • Choose a simple background such as texture, pattern or interesting color
  • Follow Rule of Thirds composition
  • Move the background back to allow space between object and background. This will make your background blurry.
  • Use fill-in flash (force your flash to fire) if your subject is back-lit.
  • Use telephoto lens or zoom lens to create a smoother and pleasing blur
  • Use props to enhance and make your object more interesting
  • Don’t leave too much space above the head, frame the shoot as tight as you could.
  • Tilt your camera to get a different effect
  • Focus on the eyes, make sure the eyes sharp no matter what.
  • Wide angle lens will distort the subject, but sometime it is fun to use to exaggerate some part of the face or body such as hand and head, While telephoto 85mm or longer is undistorted portraits.
  • Align your camera to: nose if you take a close up head shot, midway around waist and neck for waist up shot and waist for full body shot
  • Experimenting with poses. Use pose to hide problem area
  • Use the window light to create side light
  • Use the reflector to help reflect sunlight to fill in shadow from direct light

Recommended portrait lens:
Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM or Canon 85mm f/1.2 USM

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