Canon 5D Mark II vs Nikon D700 vs Canon 50D

by Enche Tjin on September 18, 2008

Canon revealed the new successor to Canon 5D, which called Canon EOS 5D Mark II. This camera is definitely a worthy successor of award winning Canon 5D. It features improvement on all sectors.

Some improvement from Canon 5D
1. Image resolution 12 megapixel to 21 megapixel
2. ISO level up to 25600 from 3200
3. DIGIC IV processor from DIGIC II (much faster in processing and storing image and better image rendition).
4. Ability to record Hi Definition (HD movies) with microphone jack : click here for sample hd movie
5. Hi Quality 3 inch LCD Screen from 2.5 inch screen
6. faster continuous burst from 3 fps to 3.9 fps

The last one is a little bit disappointing, but if we consider the image resolution size, 3.9 fps is considered fast. The new Canon 5D Mark II will be approx. $1000 more expensive.

Compared to Nikon D700, Canon can capture HD movies, D700 can’t not. D700 has only 12 megapixel but D700 has more sophisticated 51 Auto Focus points and has greater continuous burst per second (5 fps and 8 fps with battery grip attached).

Compared to Canon 50D, 5D Mark II has a full frame sensor, and 50D has cropped sensor. Because of that, 5D Mark II will have better noise handling and one stop higher maximum iso (12800 vs 25600). If equipped with the same lens, 5D will capture wider scene than 50D (which has 1.6 crop factor) and Canon 50D has faster continuous burst (6.3 fps vs 3.9 fps).

canon-5D-mark-IIBecause of those, Canon 5D Mark II will be most suited for wide angle scene shot (landscape), artistic shot and might be a good video recorder. Canon 5D also has reputation of great color rendering and saturation. Other than that, 5D is great for wedding photography, street photography and other general purposes.

Canon 50D and Nikon D700 are more engineered for action photography. Their fast continuous burst will be very helpful. 50D especially has 1.6 crop factor which make a telephoto lense 1.6 longer reach than full frame camera such as 5D or D700.

At $2699, Canon 5D ultimately a staunch competitor of Nikon D700 which costs $300 more expensive. On the same time, it might compete with other Canon new camera 50D which is almost half the price and has the benefit of 1.6 crop factor and faster continuous burst.

Update: 12/16/2008
Due to the good press of Canon 5D mark ii especially its aggresive promotional HD movie recording capabitilites, this camera is sold more than the retail price in many places. On the other hand, the Nikon D700’s price is declining sharply to $2300 this holiday season.

Update: 07/12/2008
5D mark ii release firmware which allow manual setting for video recording, thus make 5D mark ii the only one video slr that have this feature.

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