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by Enche Tjin on October 19, 2008

understanding-shutter-speedFor beginner in photography, books along with internet browsing are very important to improve your photo taking skills. Basically, they are three kind of books, one is equipnment oriented, which is geared to how to use specific equipments such as field guide to your camera. The second one is more of the techniques, how to achieve kind of photography effects. The last one is more about philosophy of photography.

I believe all kind of photography books will be useful. But I believe the most important to master is the equipment which is camera and/or lens. After we know basic camera operation, then we can move to techniques and then expand your creativity by reading deeper philosophical ideas.

Withour further ado here are some book I’ve read and I recommend it to beginner to intermediate photographer.

These are books that explain about how to use/master your equipments

1. Field Guide to [your camera]
2. Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby

Although not entirely discussing about equipments, Scott deals give many important tips that missing from your manual book. He used Nikon equipments mostly but he also explain on Canon equipments. Although he tend to focus more on Nikon, but any digital slr camera users can get benefit of his tips.

These are books that explain about various photography techniques.

1. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
2. Understanding Shutter Speed by Bryan Peterson
3. Learning to see Creatively by Bryan Peterson

Bryan Peterson wrote easy to understand book with many of sample pictures. You will learn and inpired in the same time.

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BlueRose August 29, 2009 at 9:29 pm

Hi, I am new to digital photography, recently got a 40D and was cruising around looking for helpful blogs, and I found this article. I am also blogging about my experiences here – and recently wrote an article about the books I had found useful as a beginner. And most of them match up with the ones you have written about. I also have Bryan Peterson’s Exposure book but forgot to include it in the article!

Mind if I post a link to your site on mine?

admin August 29, 2009 at 9:36 pm

Yes, thanks, let me know if you have done so.

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