Best dslr camera for enthusiasts end of the year 2008

by Enche Tjin on December 15, 2008

nikon-d90Enthusiasts class is a step up from entry level, providing better features and control for hobbyist and enthusiasts. Although it is labeled for enthusiasts, some professional use this camera for some of their job.

The winner of this class is Nikon D90 – 12 points
Nikon D90 is an exciting camera that replacing the famous Nikon D80. After three years of waiting, D80 users at last got a very good upgrade. Nikon D90 is the first dslr announced that has capability of video recording. Not only that, Nikon D90 has been improved on many areas including the better noise handling. Now users can enjoy usable iso up to 3200. The continuous burst rate has been better from 3fps to 4.5 fps. Unlike Nikon D60, D90 is compatible with all the Nikon lenses. D90 also shines because of the ergonomic, built quality with top lcd which is usually lacking from cameras in this class.

Pentax k200d surprisingly get the runner-up position earning 11 points. This camera has weather shield body, top lcd screen. It has 11 auto focus system, deals with noise pretty good and built-in stabilizer that helps combat hand shake. The downside of this camera might be AF is not as fast as competitor and slightly slower continuous burst (only 2.8 fps), and also no live view. It is definitely not for sport or fast action photography but it will certainly suitable for many other occasions.

Sony A350 is the next with 9 points, the strong point of A350 is it offers 14 megapixel resolution, and tiltable lcd screen, but it suffers from poor noise handling and lens collection.

Canon XSi also earns 9 points, it is slightly better than Canon XS with bigger screen (2.5 vs 3 inch), dedicated iso button, 12 megapixel and compatible with all Canon EOS lens.

Recently announced Olympus E-30 gets 9 points. It inherit most of the good thing from his big brother E-3 without the weather seal body. The strong point is the swivel lcd screen with live view, fairly fast continuous burst 4fps but it is a little bit pricy relatively to the competitor in the same class.

Olympus E-520
also gets 9 points. Even though it has body image stabilization that work with most lenses, it suffers from noise handling problem and 3 points auto focus system.

So there are no exactly least recommended cameras because Canon XSi, Olympus E-30 and E-520 all share the same points. But subjectively I will recommend to stay away from E-30 due to the price. With the same amount of cash, you can get the Nikon D90 instead.

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Jim August 2, 2012 at 11:54 am

Great article about best DSLR cameras, The Nikon D90 is still a good deal and can be bought for very affordable price now since it has been out a few years, also the newer version Nikon D7000 is not to bad either.

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