Best entry level dslr camera end of the year 2008

by Enche Tjin on December 14, 2008

Almost the end of the year now, and it is time to judge what camera has the best value for your bucks this holiday season, of course, straight to the point Radiant Lite style. I evaluate these cameras based on features, image quality, camera body, auto focus, continuous burst, IS availability and off course, price.

In this class, there are Nikon D60, Olympus E-420, Canon XS, Sony A200 and Pentax k-m/k2000.

canon-xs-1000dCanon XS is the winner of this category with 9 points.
Canon XS is the best amongs the crops in noise handling, has Live View mode, compatible with all Canon EF or EF-S lenses, and priced around right at $550 with image stabilized18-55mm lens. This camera will serve entry level digital slr user well and also provide room to expansion and upgrade through Canon extensive accessories and lens collection.

The runner-up is the newly designed ultra-compact dslr, Pentax k-m. Although it has no Live mode, it is well designed, complement well with Pentax tiny pancake lenses. It performs very well and compatible with Pentax lenses and accessories. It has 3.5 fps burst which is a little bit faster than the average of the group (3 fps), and has sensor shift stabilization. Pentax km receive 8 points.

Sony A200 has built in stabilization but doing poor in noise handling, the kit lens is not awesome, and upgrade for better lenses and accessories will be expensive.

Olympus E-420, the ultra compact dslr camera, suffers from no image stabilization option either in body or in lens. It handles noise relatively poor and like Nikon D60, it only has 3 point auto focus system. Both Sony A200 and Olympus E-420 get 7 points. The upside of this camera is the size and live view mode.

Nikon D60
wins the least recommended camera to buy in 2008. It suffers from compatibility. Nikon D60 auto focus won’t work unless you fit it with Nikon AF-S or Sigma HSM lens. Because many of Nikon prime (fixed focal lens) are not AF-S, so Nikon D60 it will be a problem. In the future, Nikon will release more AF-S lenses including prime, but it will be more expensive. D60 also lack of AF points (only 3), and there is no live view mode that could help on manual focusing for accurate focus in macro or still life shooting. D60 earns 6 points.

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