Canon G10 vs Canon SX10IS

by Enche Tjin on February 19, 2009

canon_g9-frontCould you give me some advise for these cameras? Especially the difference between Canon G10 and Powershot SX 10 IS: G10 is a little bit expensive for me, and SX10 has a 20 X zoom.

Here is relative advantage comparison between the two:

Canon G10

  • More compact. better build quality
  • Ability to record image in RAW (RAW is an unprocessed image that usually use for editing because it retains many information such as color balance, exposure etc) but not necessary useful for people that don’t do photo editing.
  • Better quality lens and sensor for sharper and cleaner image
  • Higher image resolution up to 14 megapixel vs 10 megapixel
  • Bigger and more detailed lcd screen (2.5 inch vs 3 inch)

Canon SX10 IS

  • Fantastic zoom range. It covers almost everything.
  • Articulating lcd screen
  • Movie mode that able to capture stereo audio capability (G10 can record movie too)
  • Cheaper than G10


So it boils up to what you really want in a camera, I will definitely get a Canon G10 if I need to choose, because the optical quality is higher, body is more compact and the quality is better (I am quite a sloppy photographer, i drop/knock the camera every now and then he he he). Able to capture image in RAW mode enable me to edit them easier while maintaining the image quality is a definitely plus plus. I also value the bigger and detailed lcd rather than articulating lcd screen. The zoom is not as long as S10 but it is good for most of the usage except for outdoor sport or wildlife (birds, big wild animal in Africa or zoos).

But for common shooter, SX 10 IS maybe appealing especially for the zoom, the 20X zoom is ideal for almost any situation including big outdoor sport field such as soccer (football in Asia), wildlife such as birds or object faraway such as airplane or travel. The articulating lcd will enable you to take some shots in unusual angle for example overhead or very low angle while keep seeing what you will get in lcd screen. The bigger size of the camera might be counterproductive, but for somebody, the grip/handling is better.

So it is all depends on what you really value,

Some questions that you might need to answers, YES or NO answer this will help you to determine what camera is best for you

  • Do you favor image quality rather than zoom range versatility? image quality is G10, zoom is SX10
  • Do you favor compact size camera or bigger camera? (the bigger camera handling/grip is usually better for most hand). compact is G10, bigger is SX10
  • Do you favor bigger, more detailed lcd that is fixed or articulating lcd screen but smaller.Bigger lcd is G10, articulating is SX10
  • Do you need RAW capabilities to do better in photo editing (G10 has this capability), RAW is G10
  • Are you financially flexible? (G10 is about 25% more expensive)

I hope this will help

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