Photography toolkit lookbooks by John Mireles

by Enche Tjin on May 30, 2009

lookbooksThe John Mireles Lookbook from photography toolkit is an innovative product designed by photographer to help portraits photographers in practical day to day assignment.
Unlike the regular book, the design of the lookbook is quite unusual for photography book. It shapes like a fan, so reader can easily browse through the pages quickly. Compare to regular book, It is compact enough to put into your bag. Instead of excessive text, this lookbook is all about series of photos with short but informative tips.

The first lookbook is the bride and groom portraits lookbook. I find this book is very useful for less experienced photographer in posing brides and grooms. It will be more helpful if the brides and groom do not how to pose. Because the book uses the same model and in each frames the pose is slightly modified, we can see the gradual progression of the poses and put it into practice in the real world. In addition, photographers can also learn about composition from this book. For example, John shows that by changing the composition and focal length, we can effectively create new photo that might incite different kind of feeling.

The second lookbook is infants, kids, and family portraits lookbook. This book has 50 more photos than the bride and groom portraits and make it a bit thicker. It is divided into several sections: Infants, one child, multiple kids, kids and parent, and family portrait. This book is different than the bride and groom portraits in several ways. Instead of having the same model all over the book, this book uses variation of models and composition. It also has some tips but not as many as the bride and the groom portraits lookbook.

Who is these books for?
This book discusses primarily and on posing and composition but not about photography techniques such as exposure, lens and other technical details. So if you are looking for books that can teach you how to take correctly expose picture or lighting, then the book is not suitable for you. The lookbook is most suitable for practicing or beginner family portraits or bridal photographer especially that having difficulty to create / direct a more natural and creative pose.

The plus side of these books:
+ Compact and innovative size
+ Good print material and high quality photos
+ The content is practical and easy to mimic in real life
+ Concise and helpful tips.

The negative side of these books:
- For the bride and grooms lookbook, all the pictures are in portrait orientation
- For the family lookbook, I feel each section could be more in-depth.
- It is might be quite expensive for beginners or students

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