D700 trip to Nikon service center

by Enche Tjin on June 18, 2009

Two weeks ago, My main camera, Nikon D700 suddenly stop working. I can’t open menu, info and some other settings. The camera can’t read the compact flash memory card as well. I know this because there is no number of picture left on the top of lcd as usual.

So, two days later, I send it to Nikon service center. Before I did that, I make a call to Nikon. They direct me to the website. I fill in the online form and print the form with packing list and shipping label. Long story short, the camera body (no memory card, no battery) is on the way to the Nikon service center.

The service center received it couple days later, and send me an e-mail which link me to a status check page (look at the image). It shows the progress of the repair. It also shows how severe the damage is the camera. I got letter B1 which means minor part need to be replaced.

It takes approximately 10 days to get it repaired, almost 2 weeks from the day I sent it. Luckily the camera is still on warranty. So no charge except one way shipping cost which is less than $6. Can’t imagine how much I need to pay if there is no warranty.

From the invoice repair sheet, I find out that they replace image sensor, replace image CTL PCB (Control Printed Circuit Board?), general check and clean, and firmware upgrade. I received the camera with generous bubble wrap to make sure that the camera arrive safely. Now, the camera is working alright, but all my custom settings are gone.

Overall, the service quality is generally good, but the speed of repair is average (2 weeks) and the most disappointing is the fact that the camera like Nikon D700 need a repair after only four months of usage.

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tmp November 18, 2009 at 12:48 am

I say bad quality control on D700. My 6 weeks old D700 is in the service center right now, been in there for almost 2 weeks. I experienced some image banding problem when the cam was 3 weeks old – faint vertical color bars across a few images, then the problem got worst – all images were corrupted. Bottom line, the fault lies in the image printed circuit board but the technician could not identify why, how and which part of the PCB that was a problem. Apparently, this is the 1st D700 in my country (Malaysia) with this problem. Anyways, good news is that I will get my new D700 replacement within this week. However I’m not happy that I’m still in the dark with how and why such problem arise + bad nikon quality control.

youtah September 23, 2010 at 4:12 pm

I also just got my D700 back from the service center. It took, overall, 22 days before I got it back. That was with over night shipping and a “RUSH” placed on the repair. Mine was under warranty as well.

My D700 stopped working and wouldn’t power on at all. Not even recognize the battery when I first put it in. It was 100% bricked. This happened 15 days before my manufacture warranty went out. *Phew! Bullet dodged!*

My eye piece also fell off at some point in time. I picked it up to take a picture and… gone! Kinda strange for an eyepiece to just fall off like that. I ended up replacing it with the DK-17M (1.2x magnified eye piece, which I love btw).

Long story short, these were the services performed and repairs made:
Replaced the main PCB. Replaced the DC/DC converter. Replaced the memory compression. Replaced the grips (that was a nice surprise). Adjusted the auto focus. Adjusted the AE operation. Checked the shutter mechanism. Cleaned the image sensor. Performed a general body check and performed a general cleaning.

How my camera went out is beyond me. It wasn’t ever exposed to water, harsh conditions, never dropped and never even banged for that matter. You’d think that I had wrapped it in aluminum foil, dunked it in a bowl of water and had then microwaved it.

The camera works great… again. Very painful experience to go without for almost a month.

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