Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud Review

by Enche Tjin on June 18, 2009

Generally, Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud II is doing a good job on distributing the light evenly, but the image is not excellent. The range of flash is very limited, and the flash need to work extra to get the correct exposure.

This diffuser is designed for portrait shooters. It will diffuse the light evenly accross the room and subjects. As a result, it creates a flat look. There are better techniques or accessories for portraits, for example, using off camera flash (by using off camera shoe cord) or bouncing the flash 45% degree with combination of bounce card. The result will be more appealing because the subject will look more three dimensional.

The other problem of this diffuser is it is hard to keep it on the flash. I use it for events photography and have to move a lot. This diffuser can’t stay in the place for a long time. Fong has new product called universal lightsphere that might stick the flash head more securely.

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