Learning to see creatively by Bryan Peterson

by Enche Tjin on June 18, 2009

This photography book by Bryan Peterson is designed primarily for beginner in photography. The core of the books are about using perspective, and composition to get appealing photos.

A large part of the books consists of Bryan Peterson books to show his works. Most of them are nature oriented such as landscape, people, fruits, flowers and animals. His works are very high quality and enjoyable to see.


He brilliantly use the photos to show how one subject could be photograph differently by changing composition and perspective by using different lens with various focal length. Unfortunately, most beginners has limited budget, and might be frustrated that they might not able to get many high-quality lenses to achieve effects like in the book.

However, this book give a very good insight to aspiring amateur especially that has technical mind rather than artist mind (right vs left brain).

I feel that some of the chapters are not as good and in depth as the core chapter, for example chapter about career, digital photography and light. They are nice addition to the book, but don’t buy the book because you want extensive information about those particular subjects.

In the nutshell, this book is very nice for beginners to understand about the effects of composition and perspective. This book will be very good for amateur who has many photography lenses with various focal lengths, but do not know how to use the lenses to its highest potential.

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