Review: 50 Lighting Setups For Portrait Photographers

by Enche Tjin on June 18, 2009

50-lighting-setups-for-portrait-photographersFirst of all, I agree with many reviewers that the title is misleading. It is not 50 lighting setups that discussed here, but rather fifty case studies. To be fair, the author does address several basic lighting setups and lighting equipments in the first chapter of the book. It is around 15-20 pages long with photo to illustrate his points.

The rest of the book is laid out case per case basis. Every case (2 pages each) has a full page photo, equipments, camera setting, tips, lighting diagram and description of the assignment. The tips is not only about lighting, but also about interpersonal skills.

For beginners, this book might not practical to learn about lighting. Most of the equipments used are pro-caliber such as Hasselblad medium format cameras and lighting kits such as studio strobes, octagonal soft box, beauty disc, etc. Steven H. Begleiter, the author, does not explain step by step on setting up the lighting and why he use the particular lighting system as well.

For professional or aspiring photographer who is specializing in portrait and lighting, you might find this book helpful to get fresh new ideas and insights.

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