Think Tank Photo: Pee Wee Pixel Rocket Review

by Enche Tjin on June 18, 2009


Before I pick Pee Wee Pixel Rocket, I have a quick look on Pocket Rocket. Then, I decided Pee Wee Pixel Rocket fits my need more than the other because I have several cameras which use different kinds of memory card.

My Nikon D700 and Canon 40D use Compact Flash cards, and my Nikon D90 and Panasonic Lumix LX3 use SD cards. Pee Wee can store up to 4 CF cards and 3 SD cards. There is also a large side pocket for business cards or extra memory cards. I usually use 4GB cards, so the total capacity would be 28GB. This is enough for most of assignments including wedding or travel.

The product is very well made (like other Think Tank Photo product). The pockets are transparent so we can easily see the card. It is easy to retrieve or store the CF cards. SD card compartments are a bit tight but secure.

The division on the SD card compartments is not distributed evenly. The left and the right sides has measurement of 32mm, the center size has measurement of 37mm. I have no idea if this is purposely designed that way or not.

One nice feature that I like is the security leash. It gives me confident when I put it on my pocket. It is also removable.

Overall, this product is very good and I recommend it for users who has assortment of cards. If professionals who shoots with many CF cards, I recommend Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket, for Storing 10 Compact Flash Memory Cards.

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