Think Tank Photo Wired Up – multimedia bag system

by Enche Tjin on June 18, 2009

Think Tank Photo, a company that specializes in high quality bag for photojournalists will release new camera bag system designed for audio visual journalists this July 2009. It consists of six bags that could be configured and connected with a belt.

As the name suggest, “Wired Up”, this bag system is trying to solve cluttered wire problem in audio-visual gears. The bags are designed to store audio recorder, microphone, headphone, wireless mic kit, DSLR camera and up to 70-200mm f/2.8 lens

Today, journalists are challenged to be multi-tasking. Writers should learn to take good photos and photojournalists have to learn how to write and even record video and audio.

think-tank-photo-wired-up-20-bagMany DSLR cameras now have video recording capabilities such as Canon 5D mark II, Nikon D90, Pentax K7, Panasonic GH1 and some others. It seems like the journalists in the future will have to do all the work, audio, visual and also the writing. This way, media company could save money. Think Tank Photo brilliantly spot this opportunity by launching this new bag collection.

For multimedia artist or journalist, I recommend to look for Wired Up 20 belt pack. It is all in one bag that fit all kinds of tools you need.

Below is the promotional video of the collection. The model is co-founder and award winning photojournalist, Deanna Fitzmaurice. The video is directed by Dai Sugano, award winning multimedia artist.

Photos and Video courtesy of Think Tank Photo

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