Travel Photography Book: Within the Frame by David duChemin

by Enche Tjin on June 18, 2009

within-the-frame-david-ducheminTeaching “geek” photographers how to see creatively is big challenge. There is a book by Bryan Peterson, Learning to see creatively. Bryan’s book is doing a good job in showing how to use compositions and perspective to create a stronger photos, but fail to teach reader how to get a creative eye.

David’s book, is another book that addresses this problem. David stresses heavily on the importance of having a good vision, but like Bryan, he fails to teach readers how to acquire a good eye. Instead of teaching, David is trying to inspire readers to be self aware, and aware on anything around us that might be a good photo opportunity.

The other theme that is emphasized in the book is about story telling. Individual photos might be compelling, but a series of photos are able to tell story better and more complete. It can potentially change the world.

For David, post processing is also an important factor in photography. He argues that post processing is essential to enhance some elements to convey certain moods or exclude elements that might be distracting such as color.

The rest of the book is assorted tips on David’s experience photographing around the world. Many are helpful and practical. Unfortunately, in many chapters, I feel the discussion is not in-depth. Advanced photographers will likely to be bored on many repetitive topics such as basic composition, telephoto vs wide angle lens and so on.

This book is definitely not a how-to or technical books. David assumes that you did your homework, understanding basic photography such as exposure, and learn how your gears work. But don’t worry, David also gives you some small practical tips in almost every chapter on how to make your photo better. The book has no less than 150 great photos in 255 pages.

I recommend this book for beginners and the geeks.

Update: Listen to audio interview by Peach Pit Depth of Field

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