Henri Cartier Bresson book: The Man The Image & the World Review

by Enche Tjin on July 31, 2009

henri-cartier-bresson-bookFirst of all, I am surprised with the size and quality of the book. It is not hardcover, but the cover jacket is very well made. All pages are black and white, good quality art paper. The book consists of most Henri Cartier-Bresson works from 1930’s to 70s. Amazingly it also consists of his work (painting and drawing) after he retired as photographer. It also has some interesting critiques and commentaries from his friends and scholars.

For people who does not know Henri, he is regarded as the father of street photography and photojournalism. He is one of the founder of highly respected Magnum photo agency. During his life, he works for magazine such as LIFE, Harpers Bazzaar, Vu, Regards, etc. In 1950, he wrote about his photography philosophy of Decisive Moment which means not only means capturing the significant moment, but also must be presented in the most artistic composition.

This is by far the most complete book about Henri Cartier-Bresson that I ever read, and I highly recommended for everybody who is interested on pursuing photojournalism or admirer of his body of work and life.

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