Photographing the world around you – book review

by Enche Tjin on July 18, 2009

photographing-the-world-around-youFreeman Patterson is one of the best photography teacher that I ever known. His book, photographing the world around you is one of his best on teaching beginners and intermediate on how to communicate using photography as a medium.

In the first chapter, Freeman encourages us to take risk, to explore, to be free from rule and principle. I think this advice is wonderful. If everybody taking images the same way, the same exposure, than the creativity will die. Great photography is not just about technical, it is also about creativity.

The next two chapters are the heart of the book and heart of photography: The building blocks of visual design and Putting the building blocks together. Freeman discusses about ingredients photograph (light, line, shape, texture, perspective), the meaning of each elements , and how to combine it together to make a great photograph.

This book is not an usual photography books which shows many eye-catching, digital processed photographs, but the books consists of images, which help us to understand what Freeman is talking about.

Freeman also assumes that readers are familiar with technical aspect of photography such as exposure, lens, cameras and so on. So if you are looking for a book that can teach you about how to operate your new Canon 450D / XSi digital slr camera, you need to look for technical book.

This book is great for reference, inspiration and refreshment. It is library material and I highly recommend this book for photographer on all stages.

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