Rumor: Panasonic LX5 in development?

by Enche Tjin on July 18, 2009

Panasonic LX5

Panasonic LX5

Fengniao (hummingbird), a Chinese website reports that Panasonic is working with Fujitsu (camera sensor maker) on a new micro four thirds system camera. This camera is likely to be named Panasonic LX5.

As we know, LX series has been popular especially Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3, which is an advanced compact camera with wide (24mm) and f/2 maximum aperture. It also has a hot shoe for external “24mm” viewfinder or flash. The supply of LX3 can’t keep up with the demand causing the street/market price is constantly higher than the MSRP ($500) for months.

We don’t know whether LX5 will follow the footstep of LX3. But one thing is sure. This camera will be similar with Olympus E-P1 design. small, m43 sensor, interchangeable lenses, no viewfinder and built-in flash.

Interchangeable m43 lenses?

Interchangeable m43 lenses?

There is many speculation of the specification, but based on the trend, we can expect improved sensor. It means higher dynamic range/image quality. It might use an OLED LCD screen which is better because it is clearer in bright sunny day and lower power consumption which is very important because using LCD monitor constantly will drain battery power faster than a DSLR which primarily use a viewfinder to compose a picture.

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