Canon 60D and Canon 7D rumor

by Enche Tjin on August 8, 2009

There are widespread rumors in the internet about the upcoming Canon DSLR. According to traditional schedule, Canon 50D will due to replacement this fall. Some people said that Canon X0D series is over and Canon will replace it with new product line called Canon 7D which will be using full frame sensor like Canon 5D. There are also rumor that Canon 60D will use APS-H sensor such as 1D mark III.

Canon 7D in Canon 5D camera body

Canon 7D in Canon 5D camera body

I personally think that Canon won’t shut down the X0D line yet. Although Canon 50D sales are not as good as Canon 40D, Canon can still improve the product line. For example:

  • Better AF tracking performance and coverage
  • Better viewfinder coverage
  • Video recording mode with manual exposure control
  • Faster continuous burst up to 8 fps
  • $1200 body only

UPDATE: 8/27/2010 : Canon launches Canon 60D

About Canon 7D, (if it is really exist), will be likely a compact and affordable full frame cameras. It will compete directly with Nikon D700. Here are some possible characteristics:

  • Full frame sensor
  • Fast continuous burst, 9 fps or higher
  • 15 MP image resolution
  • Possibility of video mode
  • Great ISO range and control: 100-25600
  • Around $3000 body only

But it could be also a stripped down version of Canon 5D mark ii, a full frame camera that does not have video mode, so that it can have a lower price and compete with upcoming Sony A850 which is rumored will be sold at under $2000. It is a great move too considering we are in global economic crisis.

Canon has been very tight lipped about their DSLR cameras plan and we are all only can speculate. Any thoughts?

UPDATE: 8/27/2010: Canon 7D launched

It is a non-full frame camera for sports shooters with 19 AF, 8fps and dual digic IV processor.

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Aurimas August 9, 2009 at 11:12 am

I’m so not looking forward for canon 50d replacement – my camera’s price will fall dawn greatly.

Thou when I think about it 500d has equal or even better image quality than 50d, therefore it might be the time for a replacement.

thebigtao August 14, 2009 at 11:10 am

Considering that this is only a rumor, and in the spirit of speculation…let me chime in.

I love the idea of a full frame budget camera. This is where we are inevitably headed, since the “pixel war” is over. It’s reach a point where even the average consumer is realizing TOO MANY pixels is NOT a good thing. We’ve reached the tipping point. So now the camera companies will look for another “hook”. And I believe that to be the full frame. They can sell the “full frame” to the average consumer on the same theory that they sold the mega pixels to them…that MORE or in this case BIGGER is better. Since they’ve maxed out the pixels, the “Full Frame” aspect is the next logical step.

I’m all for it. I’m a wide angle guy and wish there was a more affordable full frame dslr for the masses. I understand sport photographers prefer the crop cameras for their speed and reach, and thats fine.

But wide angle shooters like myself have been limited with the crop….and not everyone can afford a $3,000 5D.

I’d love to see a budget full frame version in either the XXD or the XXXD line.

I don’t think they’d leave out video capabilities tho. This is becoming standard in all DSLRs now, and to not include it, would cripple and hurt whatever budget version they did put it in. IMHO.

I think Canon will probably “cripple” it in other small ways compared to the 5D. Like give it less auto focus points, less fps, less ISO, etc. I think slight decreases in all these areas would create enough of a gap between the 5D and the budget full frame so both versions would do well. The pros would opt for the 5D and everyone else on a budget would go with the other.

canonYES August 25, 2009 at 10:38 am

I think canon has a HUGE success with the 5D2, and the 7D could be something like a new Fullframe Entry Level class.
From top to bottom, the lineup would be like that:
1D xxxx
5D xxx
7D xxx
so the larger number means less professional.
One-digit means full frame throughout the lineup.

Concerning specs, I would guess it is not as sophisitcated as the 5D2, maybe without the video mode, AF is quite old-fashioned on the 5D2 so there cant be anything to save.

The main reason to buy this would be for still photographers who want better quality pictures, higher ISO range and more wide-angle at an affordable price.

Hmm, just what I am looking for.

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