Nikon D3000 vs Canon XS / 1000d

by Enche Tjin on August 8, 2009

Canon EOS Rebel XS / 1000d is better from Nikon D60 from many aspects, but now, Nikon comes out with the new D3000 which is potentially replace D60 or D40 in entry level DSLR camera market. Nikon D3000 has three major improvements over Nikon D60: Improved auto focus, larger lcd screen and guide mode.  But is D3000 is better than one year old Canon XS?

Let’s check it out:


The new entry level Nikon DSLR camera

Here is Nikon D3000 advantage

Here is Canon XS advantage

    One year older XS has some advantages

    One year older XS has some advantages

  • Ability to connect the camera and shoot from your computer
  • Live view mode which allow you to use lcd screen to compose your shot.
  • Compatibility of all Canon EOS lenses

So, Nikon D3000 for sure has become more user friendly than Canon XS. This might be important if you have limited knowledge of photography. It also has bigger LCD screen so that you can review your pictures better. The D3000 design is also improved from Nikon D60. It feels more solid than Canon XS. Nikon D3000 also has more auto focus points and coverage than Canon XS which only have 7 points. This will help when you compose a picture.

But the Canon still has some important advantages. Nikon D3000 is compatible with most of Nikon lenses. But when you mount some fixed focal lens that does not have AF-S or built in focus motor, you have to manual focus. Nikon D3000 also does not have live view feature. Live view let photographer to compose picture from LCD screen. Even the implementation of this feature is not as good as compact cameras such as slow auto focus. But this feature is very helpful in macro or close-up photography. You can magnify the object in your screen and fine tune manual focus to get the exact focus that you like.

Overall, both cameras is capable to take equally stunning pictures. You should make a decision whether live view and Nikon lens compatibility are important or not. You should also try to get a hold of the camera if you have chance.

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