The Best Camera is the one that’s with you by Chase Jarvis, a book Review

by Enche Tjin on October 8, 2009

the-best-camera-chase-jarvisThis is a small photo books by Chase Jarvis, an adventurer and creative photographer. The purpose of this book is simple, to show you what you can make from iPhone or other mobile phone camera to their best.

No, the book is not about tutorial and tips, it is a showcase of photos Chase Jarvis took and processed through an application called The best cameras, a tiny iPhone application that cost $2.99.

Chase also sparkles some wise words such as “The gear you can’t afford is not the barrier keeping you from success. Gear has very little to do with photography.”  When photographing stranger, Chris opines ”People usually ignore the camera that’s built into your phone because they consider it useless, that comes in handy.” Chris was spot on.

Chase proves that you can make a compelling images using mobile phone camera, but it is fool if you think it will be easy to shoot with iPhone. To make compelling photos like Chris did, you need to train your eyes and apply the correct filter / effect to the photos. It takes practice, but this book is the eye opener and make you think for a moment, do I really need that $3000 full frame DSLR camera and $1200 Canon ‘L’ lens?

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