Canon launches the ultimate sports and multimedia camera: Canon EOS 1D mark IV

by Enche Tjin on October 20, 2009

canon-eos-1d-mark-iv-frontCanon just launch Canon EOS 1d mark IV. The best sports and multimedia camera. Canon has been working hard to regain its market share in recent years from Nikon in the sports and photojournalism business sector. The predecessor camera, Canon EOS – 1d mark III, has plenty of auto focusing issues in the past, forcing professional photojournalists, sports photographers and wildlife photographers to switch to comparable Nikon camera, Nikon D3.

Nikon D3 has been proven itself as a better camera to 1d mark iii, sporting 51 AF point system with incredible low light performance.

Nikon just released Nikon D3s last week and unfortunately have to face Canon 1d mark IV, a very solid challenger for the title “The best low light and professional sports camera”

Canon 1d-mark IV price is $4999, $1000 more expensive than Canon 1d mark III.

Here is Canon 1d mark 4 specs:

  • APS-H image sensor with 1.3x crop factor
  • 16 Megapixel image resolution
  • Dual DIGIC IV processor
  • 10 fps continuous shooting burst
  • 45 AF points with 39 cross type sensor (more sensitive)
  • Customizable AF system
  • ISO 100-12800 expandable to H3 (102,400)
  • 3 inches LCD Screen, hi res 910k
  • Compatible with Canon EF lenses (not with EF-S)
  • Dual card slots (CF and SD)
  • Auto dust cleaning

Video specs

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 with manual exposure control
  • Selectable video frame rate (24 fps, 25fps or  30fps)
  • External microphone

Regarding to video capability, Vincent Laforet (famous for its work on a short movie clip Reverie, shot with Canon 5D mark II), launches a new video clip using this camera titled “Nocturne. showcasing the capability of Canon 1d mark 4 in low light movie recording.

UPDATE: Canon requested Vincent Laforet to take down the video with undisclosed reason

Canon 1d Mark 4 photos from Canon USA



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