Canon G11 sample images at What digital camera magazine website

by Enche Tjin on October 13, 2009

What digital camera magazine publishes some sample test shot of Canon Powershot G11 on their website now. From what I see, the images are very usable at ISO 800. Usually, compact camera with small sensor won’t pass ISO 400 barrier. In fact, many compact digital camera produces noisy images at ISO 400.

canon-g11At ISO 1600, noise starts to creeps in especially in shadow area, and the image starts to lose edge acuity. But this is still very usable for internet sharing, especially in small size (640×480) and it is hard to tell the different between ISO 1600 or ISO 100 in this size.

Because Canon S90 IS shares the same sensor (but different lens) we can expect fairly similar result. This is great achievement in compact camera sector. Coupled with image stabilization, many might not need to carry bulky DSLR for travel to get  great image quality in low light condition anymore.

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kamera-gue October 14, 2009 at 2:19 am

Considering the sensor size, 10 MP resolution and f/2.8 max. aperture from G11, I wonder how Canon engineers can keep the noise low. G11’s (and S90) sensor doesn’t have any magic, indeed it just an ordinary small CCD (it’s not like a SCCD EXR/Exmor-R nor APS-C size CCD) tough S90 still has an advantage with it’s brighter lens to achive a faster speed. I’m waiting for ISO comparison from camera-review sites; until then, let’s assume that G11 is a 10 MP camera with great(est) ISO performance.

jb October 14, 2009 at 5:59 am

@ Kamera-Gue. Hey… the G11 is still pretty good considering those cams with APS-C sensor which tends to have fixed lens. I think consumer still wants the portability of a zoom and so the G11 will serve that well.
The s90 on the other hand is only benefited by the fast lens on the wide end… so the lens really balances it self out with such a small body.
a good D-range is also expected to to the increase in snr… so all in all G11 has a good spec.
What I consider missing from the G11 is that the wide 24mm equiv. view.. it is much nicer than 28mm and the competitor LX3 has them! hopefully g12 should have 24mm wide end.
Till then I crossed my finger… but Im drooling for g11 tho… wanted a much lighter companion for everyday “bring-everywhere-cam” than my dslr.

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