David duChemin e-book: 10 ways to improve your craft Review

by Enche Tjin on October 12, 2009

After the success of Within the frame, author David duChemin shares his wisdom again in different form. This time he used e-book as a medium. The first e-book is titled 10 ways to improve your craft. It has ten photography tips include image in each tips to illustrate his point. At the end of the craft, he puts up an idea on how to practice.

What this e-book is not..

image from David duChemin blog

This e-book is not about 10 tips on how to achieve specific image. This is not a recipe book like Scott Kelby Digital Photography III. Instead, it is more philosophical. It shows you how to make your photographs more engaging. It is less on technical aspect but more in artistic aspects. duChemin is not a product, or fashion photographer. He is a travel & photojournalist. So, there is no tips about where to position your strobes or discussion about equipments.

What is great about this e-book?

This e-book is great because it has the ways for you to improve your photography from average to excellent. You’ve probably will read this e-book in ten minutes or less, but the point is not only reading. The most important is the homework (practice) so that you can master your craft. Remember, duChemin only shows you the ways.

Who should need it?

Beginners will definitely need this e-books. For intermediate (people that know basic photography) but find their pictures uninspiring or bland will also need this e-book. For advanced photographer, you might not need this e-book, but if you get it, you might find that duChemin is right, and you will be glad that there is someone there that shares your ideas.

You can get the book through David’s blog or via lulu.com

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