Nikon D3s high ISO samples

by Enche Tjin on October 27, 2009

nikon-d3sHummingbird website publishes some high ISO samples of Nikon D3s, the best low light digital SLR cameras at the moment. Nikon D3s can go all the way to H3 or equivalent to ISO 102,400. But in practice, image shot in that ISO level is just plain ugly and not acceptable for serious or professional quality work.

It is nice of the website because they publishes some images shots in lower ISO level (ISO 25,600).  I predict that images shot at ISO 12800 will be very clean and equal to ISO 800 in crop sensor beginner DSLR camera such as Nikon D3000 or Canon XS. It is a whopping 4 times better.

Why you should care about high ISO range? Camera with high ISO enable you to:
1. Crank up shutter speed to freeze action
2. Crank up aperture to get more depth of field
3. Get clean image quality in low light setting without using flash or other lighting system.

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thelight October 28, 2009 at 6:59 am

waw waw waw…
this is funtastic gadgets

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