Vision Mongers by David duChemin Book Review

by Enche Tjin on November 20, 2009

vision-mongers-david-ducheminVision Mongers discusses about how to survive and hopefully, thrive in the professional photography world. It contains a lot of insights about the professional photography landscape especially in USA and Canada.

At first, I am a little bit surprise that the tone of the book (especially first chapter) is not encouraging at all. David repeatedly warns amateur photographers or hobbyists about the negative sides of going pro. Despite the negative tone, I feel that David is right. It is hard to make a living being pro especially if you lives by old rules. Every aspiring pro photographers now need to craft their own niche. style and brand.

In fact, branding is everything now, and I am glad that David dedicates a large portion of the book in developing your personal brand. It consists of advice on your logo, business card, and social media such as website, blog and twitters.

David is an active blogger and twitterers (@pixelatedimage). David is smart enough to follow the trend of social media which I think will replace the role of traditional media such as prints and television sooner or later. More and more people are going online, this including potential clients. It is wise to establish some presence on the net. Also, the nice thing is.. it is free for everyone to use.

David also discusses a bit about business operation, such as contract, negotiation and sponsorships. He does not give you many detailed examples, but you will get pretty clear insights on how to do business.

As a bonus, David inserts some biography of some of his famous pro-photographers friends: Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias, Gavin Gough, Darwin Wiggett, Grace Chon, Kevin Clark and some others. Each photographer is successful in their niche and all of them have some pressence in the web.

This book is very valuable for aspiring pro photographers. It explains very clearly about the current pro photography landscape and why being business savvy, especially on personal branding and social media marketing are the key determinant of your success.

If you are more interested on how to improve your photography, I recommend you to read: Within the Frame by David duChemin

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