Learning Photography for beginner

by Enche Tjin on December 15, 2009

Learning the basic of photography is quite complex. It is complex because you need to learn about technical part of photography. Photography is not like writing. In learning how to write, we only need to be able to handle pen/pencil properly, but in photography, we’ll need to learn to operate a camera. Many people might confuse where to start, therefore I will give a guideline  to master the basic photography. It will all start with understanding the basic and how camera works.

First of all we will need a camera. There are several type of cameras in the market. But the most common are compact camera and DSLR camera. What are the differences between compact camera and digital SLR camera? Do you have to invest on DSLR camera to learn photography? No, not at all, you can learn photography by using a compact camera, but I suggest to get advanced compact camera because you can adjust exposure manually.

Step two We need to learn and understand about exposure. This is the core of photography. The total amount of light entering camera through lenses determine how our image look. There are three components that we can set in order to control exposure. There are aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivities. There is a book called Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. I highly recommend it.

Step Three We have to learn how to use our camera. The easiest way to start is reading the manual. We want to understand especially about camera modes, metering mode, white balance dan auto focus system

Step Four We want to know what is depth of field and what determines it: (focal length, image sensor size, distance ratio and aperture).

Step Five, we want to learn how to compose picture artistically.

Step Six, we want to learn to see the light especially its direction and intensity.

Step Seven, we want to learn about timing, where and when to press the shutter.

Step Eight, we want to learn about how to tell story with one of series of photos.

Step Nine, we want to learn about how to post process our images using digital photography programs. This will open an entire new chapter on learning digital photography.

Those are essential steps to learn the photography from nothing. Nowadays, we are blessed because to learn photography is easier than ever. There are books, videos, blogs, etc that can help you to learn each step on the way. Don’t forget to practice too.  Without practice you can’t master it.

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