Nikon School DVD review: Learning Nikon Creative Lighting System

by Enche Tjin on December 29, 2009

nikon-school-dvd-creative-lightingNikon School presents A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting is very very important to learn how to use Nikon creative lighting system (CLS). So what is CLS? It is automatic flash system that built-in your camera and some Nikon flashes. If you have Nikon D90 or more advanced camera and Nikon speedlite SB800/SB900, chance that you can practice CLS right away.

The host of this DVD is Bob Krist and Joe McNally. The material are very well structured and articulated even for beginners. Learning about lighting involve a lot of technical issues in the past and might turned off many people from studying it, but Bob and Joe make it simpler and easier to understand. They take advantages of the wireless commander in the camera and speedlite and use automatic adjustment (TTL) to adjust the light. So thanks God, minimal amount of math is used here.

Bob discusses about standard studio portrait in the beginning of the DVD and then introduces Joe later. Then, they worked in the various fields showcasing multiple ways you can do with the system. They do wedding portrait, vacation portrait, environmental portrait, and dance. It starts with a very simple one light photography and then it expands up to 11-12 strobes.  Highly recommended for enthusiasts and it is absolutely must get for aspiring professionals.

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