Guide to Posing – Photography book review

by Enche Tjin on January 26, 2010

doug-box-guide-to-posingIf you don’t have a clue how to pose a subject, then this book will be very helpful because it covers the foundation of posing.

The best part of the book is sthe guide on how to position the feet, how to pose hands and arms. It also discuss the differences between masculine and feminine pose which I find very helpful.

The book also discusses many type of portraits such as group portrait, couple portrait, children portrait, teen portrait and bridal portrait. Unfortunately, the discussion are too general and short.

The content is helpful for many beginners, but I feel it is not deep enough for more experienced portrait photographers. The book also uses many photography jargons especially related to lighting such as lighting ratio, gobo, kicker light and so on.

It is not a comprehensive book about posing and too basic for one who want to master portrait photography, but it is good enough for beginners.

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