Interesting Nikon interview

by Enche Tjin on January 22, 2010

nikon_logoInteresting review spotted by Nikon rumors website that give a glimpse on Nikon’s direction in the future. Focus Numerique, a French photography website interviewed Mr. Tetsuro Goto is the Director of Laboratory Research and Development at Nikon Japan.

From the interview (Google Translation), I feel that Nikon hesitates to develop the EVIL (mirrorless camera system like micro four thirds). There are two reasons: 1. Nikon feels the technology available is not up to their standard yet. 2. Nikon sounds hesitate to develop two mounts. Nikon definitely want to protect and continuing their 50 years old F-mount.

It is good and also bad news for Nikon fans. The good news is Nikon will be committed in developing DSLR camera, especially image quality and noise management in high ISO setting. The bad news is there will be no smaller, more pocket-able SLR like quality cameras in the near future.

Mr. Goto also states that Nikon will concentrating on image quality especially high ISO performance for next cameras, successor to Nikon D90 and D300.

In short, Nikon is quite conservative in their approach. They will keep doing what they do best in DSLR market which is not bad at all.

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