Minimum requirement for wedding photography

by Enche Tjin on February 2, 2010

Sometimes, I got question about what gears should we use for wedding photography. I wrote a complete list of camera-lens lighting kit suggestion a few years ago, but maybe some photographers like to know what is the minimum requirement.


A digital SLR camera is a must for wedding photography. Compact or superzoom cameras will not cut it because DSLR has significantly better image quality and auto focus speed. The good news is, any digital SLR camera will be sufficient for most of the wedding style. Nowadays, new digital SLR cameras are quite affordable starting at around $450. If you hunt for a used one, you might get even cheaper price.


When you buy a new digital SLR camera, you will usually get a standard zoom lens with it. Although the lens quality is not as good as hi-grade lens, but they are good enough if you know how to use it. Other than the kit lens, you will need another lens, like 50mm or 85mm. Those lenses are not zoom lens, but it has big aperture, so that your camera can absorb my light and also able to create a dreamy blurred background.


Next, lighting is crucial for most wedding photography. Off course there are some photographers that only use available light, but they usually use camera and lenses that are very good in low light, which could be very expensive. So, investing in flash will be a great idea. Usually manufacturers offer flash for around $250 to $500 price tag. Get one that able to swivel, so you can direct your flash head to any direction.


Extra batteries for camera,  memory cards (depends on how many pictures you are expected to shoot), typically you need to prepare about 20 -40 GB worth of storage.

That’s all the gear your need for wedding photography, a DSLR camera, a zoom kit lens and 50mm/85mm lens and a flash. However, if you are paid for wedding, you might also want to invest on back-up, which is another DSLR camera, and another flash. Although I never experience any equipment failure in the last couple days.

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C.T.Daniel February 2, 2010 at 11:19 am

hmm, if this is a beginner guide and it is, give some links, some example.

Franssales February 2, 2010 at 11:45 am

Done that, and even in very difficult lighting conditions I’ve done without flash. But I do not recommend it without training.

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