What to expect from PMA tradeshow 2010?

by Enche Tjin on February 19, 2010

PMA trade show this year won’t be as interesting because three major photography manufacturers: Canon, Leica and Pentax are not participating. However, there are still some new stuff that we can expect:

1. Sony and Samsung to prepares their 3D compact camera: News and rumor from Photo Rumors.

2. Will Samsung introduces their advanced compact with low light lens? This will provide alternative to Panasonic LX3 / Canon S90IS.

3. Sony mirrorless camera: Which will have APS-C sensor and compete with Samsung NX and micro four third system.

4. Nikon 24-120mm f/4 VR will be announced this year? It is a highly anticipated multi purpose lens for Nikon FX camera. Canon shooters has been enjoying their 24-105mm f/4 L IS for years.

Other rumors:

Even Canon is not participating, they will held press conference on 23th Feb 2010. Will this be a new high-end DSLR release? (1ds Mark IV)

Olympus Malaysia website put a countdown timer on their website. Is this means another product launch or just a website redesign?

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