Ricoh GXR new lens blocks announced: P10 and A12

by Enche Tjin on March 3, 2010

At PMA, Ricoh announces two new lens block thats might keep Ricoh fans from jumping to another system such as micro four third system.

Here is an excerpt from Ricoh press release:

Camera unit RICOH LENS P10 28-300 mm F3.5-5.6 VC* (name tentative)

  • With an original Ricoh noise reduction function and a back-illuminated CMOS sensor, this camera unit expands the photographer’s range of expression by making it possible to shoot high-quality images in scenes ranging from low light to bright light.
  • Featuring a high-magnification 10.7x (28-300 mm) optical wide-angle zoom, this unit has 120 frame/second high-speed continuous shooting ability plus a wide range of other functional capabilities such as RAW image recording, image settings adjustable to nine levels, multi-target AF, and much more.
  • Start of sales planned for the summer of 2010.

Camera unit GR LENS A12 28 mm F2.5 (name tentative)

  • Featuring a newly developed 28 mm fixed-focal-length GR LENS, this camera unit achieves high resolution and high imaging power.
  • A 23.6 mm × 15.7 mm (APS-C size) CMOS sensor is used. The combination of this sensor with the GR ENGINE Ⅲ image processing engine enables the camera unit to shoot high-quality images with smooth tone gradations as well as high definition and low noise.
  • There is a manual focus ring that can be used for precise focus adjustments.
  • Start of sales planned for the winter of 2010.

Ricoh decision to launch P10 lens block is a bit weird because they recently release Ricoh CX10 with exactly the same sensor and capability with only $399 price tag. However, the 28mm f/2.5 lens block with DSLR quality sensor will be highly anticipated by fans due to the popular Ricoh GRD series.

Ricoh GXR with A12 50mm f/2.5 macro lens block has been criticized because of Auto Focus performance in low light. It is also criticized for its price. I don’t think it is overpriced because the built quality and user interface are the best in the class.

I also hope Ricoh could surprise the fans once more by improving AF and introducing more lens block in the near future.

More about Ricoh GXR

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