Wedding Photography Unveiled – book review

by Enche Tjin on March 15, 2010

Wedding photography Unveiled by Jacqueline Tobin features 20 wedding photographers who share their philosophy, images and gears. From this book, we can learn about diversity in wedding photography.

wedding-photography-unveiledCouple decades ago, wedding photography is boring and very traditional. But now, wedding photography has become very interesting. Thanks to digital photography and new breed  of creative photographers. It is interesting to know that documentary/photojournalist style are very popular now and this style has been embraced by many wedding photographer featured in this book, but traditional staged portrait are still there as well.

This book is divided on several chapters which usually represent a stage in a typical  European style wedding such as getting ready, ceremony, portrait session, and reception. On each section, about five photographers will tell their approaches.

The book also discusses briefly about business aspect such as marketing, equipments and getting published in magazines.

At the end of the book, each photographers featured get a profile page, highlighting their bio data and gears. Although I find it unnecessary and redundant. I also find that there are many typo especially in the name of photography gears. For example, there is Canon 6D in one of photographer’s gear list which might be 5D.

I think that this book is awesome for aspiring wedding photographer that has yet to find their style. For experienced wedding photographers that already find their own style, this book might not be that helpful.

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