Wedding Photography from the Heart by Joe Buissink

by Enche Tjin on March 13, 2010

Photojournalistic / documentary style has been booming in wedding photography industry in the last decade. Almost all wedding photographers nowadays advertise or incorporate some aspect of this style. Joe Buissink has been using documentary style for a few decades. His images are not hard to recognize: emotional, romantic, artistic and tells the story of the day. Joe has ability to see with both eyes, mind and heart.


This book will help guide you as a walk through on a wedding day. It gives you tips on how to make your images stand out and creative in various wedding scenes, such as getting ready, portrait, ceremony and reception. But the most important of all, Joe prepares your mind and heart so you know how to capture the best moments in the wedding flawlessly.

Beside the shooting aspect, Joe also discusses about business aspect, gears, and also mistakes he made when he first starting the business (which is one of my favorite chapter). Interestingly, Joe also shoots many hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Swank, Jessica Simpson, Rebecca Romijn, etc. Joe kindly shares what are the pro and cons and what you need to pay attention to when you shoot celebrity wedding.

However, This is not an technical / creative how to book, but it is more about philosophy. So if you are looking for those, you might want to attend his workshop or get his workshop DVD.

Overall, this is a great book, very good written. Every sentence counts. I gladly recommend this book for photographers and enthusiasts who aspire to be wedding photographers.

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