Captured by the light by David Ziser book review

by Enche Tjin on April 17, 2010

This book is simply the best wedding photography up to date, and every wedding photographer or aspiring wedding photographer should get at least one copy. A lot of wedding photographer books out there showcase a lot of great pictures from great wedding photographers, but most of them are insufficient in discussing basic technical and practical aspects. Therefore, you get only a little bit from those books.

david-ziser-captured-by-the-light-reviewCaptured by the light by David Ziser is different. It is not only about lighting. It guides you from the very basic such as posing, lighting, composition, equipments technical aspect of shooting, wedding walk through and so on. It is presented in step by step with plenty of illustration along the way.

Ziser is also generous about sharing about camera gears that he used. He use Canon system as his main gear and several strobes such as Quantum. He discussed his camera and lenses one by one from his most favorite which is Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS. This is quite surprising to me, but he has argument to back up his decision. Although Ziser discussed extensively about his Canon gears, if you shoot Nikon, Sony or other brand, don’t be discouraged because other brands have comparable camera and lenses too.

So what is the major take away form this book? If you are following his instruction and practice it well, then your images should be significantly improved, especially lighting and composition.

What this book is not:

This book is about traditional wedding photography, so if you are looking for ideas for candid/photojournalistic style, you might be disappointed. It does not discuss about relationship between photographer and client or business too. This book is also not about how to retouch your photos, it is trying to get everything correct in the first place.

In conclusion this book is a must have for beginner wedding photographers. It does not covers all aspect on how to be a great wedding photographer, but it provides a strong foundation. And because it discuss a great deal about portraiture, especially on location portraits, you might get a great benefit if you loves shooting portraits. Save yourself plenty of money from attending basic wedding photography workshop by reading this book.

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BlueRose April 22, 2010 at 5:17 am

Sounds like a useful book for anyone interested in people photography. Will check it out, thx for the review.

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