Mirrorless camera on the move

by Enche Tjin on April 20, 2010

Great news for Mirrorless camera. Seems that this kind of cameras are getting a lot of supports from many companies. Although only a couple years old, this system has been making a lot of progress and it might trump beginner DSLR soon or later.

Here are some of recent news I’ve compiled from the web:

  • Sony is developing its own mirrorless camera and the commercial is all over the web now. [Watch it at Photo Rumor]. Physically, this camera look like Panasonic GF1, small and without viewfinder. However, it uses Sony own mount (new one) and Sony APS-C sensor. It will take time for Sony to catch on Olympus and Panasonic m43 system, especially in lens collection.
  • Samsung and Schneider are developing a brand pro quality prime lenses (15, 21, 35, 55, 70 and 90mm) for its Samsung NX system. This is much needed boost for Samsung and give them an edge to compete with other manufacturer.

Here is the big news:

  • AG-AF100-panasonic-camcorder-m43Panasonic is developing Panasonic video camera with 4/3 mount. This is a quite a breakthrough and the first of its kind. For a long time, multimedia artists are looking to get a camcorder with a large sensor and affordable interchangeable lenses. They will definitely rejoice. [Press Release]

So, this will leave Canon, Nikon and Pentax that haven’t jump to this mirrorless movement. Now, each of them is in dilemmatic position. Nikon and Canon are doing well in their digital SLR sales, and will be hesitant to bring out mirrorless cameras. It will kill their DSLR market share. Canon is enjoying their domination in conventional camcorder in the market, of course with a lot higher price but with small sensor. Pentax spent a lot of their limited resource on medium format digital camera recently  and less likely to invest for new system.

I think, mirrorless camera will have a great future, especially micro four thirds system, Olympus and Panasonic (the one who started this movement). They has gathered quite a support and attract many lens makers to make m43 lenses for this system.

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