500 Poses for Photographing Brides Review

by Enche Tjin on May 10, 2010

This book is a sourcebook for digital wedding photographers, which means that it does not cover howto, guides etc. It just show you portrait photos from top wedding photographers that work with Amherst Media. Some of them are book author.

500-posing-brides-wedding-review-bookThe book consists of mainly photos which are grouped according the the theme: Close up, getting ready, standing, sitting, creative and so on. Ocassionally, there will be a quote of tips from photographer on posing. In the appendix section, it has some tips for posing.

Wedding photographers who want to look for inspiration might be benefited from this book if they observe carefully about the posing and lighting. However, it is unfortunate that there are no caption or description on each photos to  explain the pose. Readers are forced to learn by themselves.

In the end, reading this book is kinda similar to viewing wedding photos online. I can’t recommend this book.

If you are looking for book that explain about posing,  I will rather recommend Doug Box’s Guide to posing.

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