The Wedding Photographer’s Planner book review

by Enche Tjin on May 12, 2010

The Wedding Photographer’s Planner by Kenny Min is mainly a collection of checklist of what to anticipate in typical American wedding. It is quite comprehensive from engagement session, getting ready, ceremony, reception, and after wedding. It also includes some tips about business and further learning.

wedding-photographers-planner The book is suited for photographers who like to know what is the wedding photographers and what to expect in the event. For seasoned wedding photographers or if you already shots several weddings, the book gives a little value. The style covered in this wedding is pretty much traditional, meaning that most of the photography is done mostly by directing and less about anticipating extraordinary moments (candid style).

The checklists are helpful for new photographers so they don’t miss any important details, but if you have experience in wedding photography, you should already know 80-90% of the stuff in the book.

The book has over 250 pages of content, but unfortunately, it is too heavy on images rather on the text. The images are relevant to the page but do not have caption. Also I think the images are not the best of Kenny Kim works. It looks very ordinary.

If you need guidance or information how to start a wedding business, the book provide very good reference, but if you are experienced photographer looking for extraordinary insights that will set you to the next level, you should look for other books.

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