Wedding Photography: Advanced Techniques for Digital Photographers Book Review

by Enche Tjin on May 21, 2010

Advanced techniques for digital photographers by Bill Hurter is another wedding photographer books aimed for wedding photographers or aspiring wedding photographers.

wedding-photography-advanced-techniques-book-reviewFirst of all, I would like to stress that Bill Hurter himself is a writer not an actual photographers. He basically collect tips and images from wedding photographer and compile it into the books.

Although the title said “Advanced Techniques” but I don’t think it is advanced enough. Maybe that is due because Mr. Hurter have to write so much topics in the wedding photography: From photographer’ traits, technical knowledge, posing, lighting, preparation and planning, key shots, post production and album design, and gears.

While there are so much to discuss, it is hard to go in depth. I think that is hurting this book. It become a general wedding photography book instead of advanced photography book.

However, there are many aspects of the book that I like. It has many gorgeous photos, many of them are traditional / fashion style and processed heavily in photoshops. There are captions on every photos that explain how the photographer take or process the photos.

Tips are also straightforward and practical. Beginners and photographers who like to jump to wedding photography industry will benefit from this book. For seasoned wedding photographers, the benefits might be limited to viewing what competitors or other popular photographers do with their photography.

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