Canon T2i / 550D vs Sony A550

by Enche Tjin on June 29, 2010

I got the question the other day about Canon T2i / 550D vs Sony Alpha 550 the other day and this is my take:

Both cameras are designed for more experienced photographer who is looking for more advanced camera.

Sony A550 vs Canon EOS T2i front

Canon T2i main advantage is the ability to record 24 fps video and high image resolution of 18 MP. On the other hand, Sony A550 can shoot up to 7 fps, has tilt LCD, fast auto focus in live view mode and built-in image stabilization called steady shot.

If you are only concentrating on taking photos, Sony A550 is a better camera, because it is more responsive, has built-in stabilization so every lens you mount on it will benefit from it, including prime lenses. 7 fps continuous shooting will be great for sports. Sony A550 also provide better value for money. However, if you might want to record video as well as shooting stills, Canon T2i is the way to go.

Canon 550D / T2i advantages

  • Full HD movie recording
  • 4 MP higher image resolution
  • Less bulky

Sony A550 advantages

  • Fast performance
  • Up to 7 fps continuous shooting vs 3.5 fps
  • tilt-able LCD screen
  • Fast auto focus in live view mode
  • Better grip/ergonomic
Feature Canon T2i / 550D Sony a550
Image 18 MP 14 MP
ISO 100-12800 200-12800
Video Full HD 24fps manual control none
LCD 3″ 1 million dots 3″ 910k dots, tilt
Continuous shooting 3.5 fps up to 7 fps
Stabilization lens-based stabilization built-in stabilization
Other Fast auto focus in live view mode
Price $899 body only $730 body only

Sony A550 vs Canon T2i 550D

Sony A550 vs Canon T2i 550D

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