Nikon outsells Canon in first half of 2010 in Japan

by Enche Tjin on July 10, 2010

According to BCN, Nikon outsells Canon in digital interchangeable camera sales for the first half of 2010 in Japan. Nikon is able to increase their sales shares from 31.3% from last year to 34% this year. Meanwhile, Canon sales share has dropped from 39.1% to 31.4%.

Best selling interchangeable lens camera in Japan in 1st half of 2010

Best selling interchangeable lens camera in Japan in 1st half of 2010

Other smaller manufacturers such as Panasonic, Olympus and Pentax are able to increase their shares from last year. Panasonic and Olympus innovation in micro four thirds system are successful and Pentax best value camera Pentax k-x help Pentax to secure 4th place with 7.8% share.

Source: BCN – Originally written in Japanese

Rank Manufacturer Sales Share 2010 (in %)
1 Nikon 34
2 Canon 31.4
3 Panasonic 10.9
4 Hoya (Pentax) 7.8
5 Olympus 7.7
6 Sony 7.5
7 Other (Samsung, Ricoh, Leica, etc) 7.6
Total 100

BCN also publishes individual camera models sales shares and from that we know that mirrorless system sales are on the rise with 19.1% sales share from about 10% last year. Micro four third system which is supported by Panasonic and Olympus are key to the gain.

This might be a proof that mirorless system is not only hype but in the right track.

Rank Type Sales Share 2010 (in %)
1 Digital SLR 73.3
2 Mirrorless system (M43 and Sony E) 19.10
3 Other/Unknown 7.6
Total 100

In traditional DSLR category, Nikon D90 is the best selling camera which is quite surprising because D90 is not a beginner camera. This might be because Japanese are started to look for higher quality DSLR. Nikon D90 is a very good all-around tool for either pro or amateur photographers.

Rank Best Selling Camera Model (DSLR) Sales Share 2010 (in %)
1 Nikon D90 13
2 Canon T1i / 500D 11.5
3 Nikon D5000 10.6
4 Canon T2i / 550D 9.7
5 Nikon D3000 7.9
6 Pentax k-x 6.3

In mirrorless system category, Panasonic GF1 is the best selling camera. GF1 is a compact interchangeable lens camera that has great built-quality and is very responsive.

Rank Best selling Camera Model (Mirrorless system) Sales Share 2010 (in %)
1 Panasonic GF-1 6.1
2 Olympus E-PL1 4.6
3 Panasonic G1 2.7
4 Sony NEX-5 2.0
5 Olympus E-P2 1.3
6 Panasonic G2 1.3
7 Olympus E-P1 1.1

From these findings, I predict that mirror less camera system will replace beginner DSLR place as the best selling interchangeable lens camera in a couple year. It is crucial for Canon and Nikon need to rethink their strategy and be innovative. If not they could fall behind  in the near future.

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