Panasonic LX5

by Enche Tjin on July 17, 2010

Panasonic website leaked Panasonix Lumix LX5 pictures today with specs.


Panasonic LX5 specs

  • 10 Megapixel image resolution
  • 1/1.63 image sensor
  • 3″ LCD screen 460k
  • 24-90mm f/2-3.3 Leica summicron lens
  • HD Video up to 1280×720, 60p(CCD output is 30p)
  • Manual exposure control in video mode
  • Improved grip
  • Available in Black or Silver color
  • jog dial similar to GF1 (but smaller) – replacing LX3 tiny joystick
  • movie recording button replacing focus button (top of the camera)

I’m a bit disappointed after seeing the spec, because the LX5 does not have larger image sensor like previously rumored. LX5 also has minor improvement over the old LX3. I still has 10 megapixel resolution, 1/1.63 sensor and average LCD screen.

The only notable improvement is on the lens focal length, which is 24-90mm instead of 24-60mm (LX3 lens). The longer focal length will make LX5 more ideal for travel or portrait.

I also think that the images will be cleaner from noise, at least comparable to Canon S90 which is quite clean at ISO 800 at the expense of detail. Previously, LX3 is good up to ISO 400 despite of larger sensor it has over S90.

LX5 not an evolutionary but not revolutionary product, and I don’t think many Panasonic LX3 owner will opt to upgrade.

UPDATE 7/21/2010: dpreview published some sample images.

Looking at pre-production images, LX5 handle chroma noise well, but to get clear images, we still have to shoot at ISO 400 and below.

Available for pre-order via

Side by side: panasonic LX5 (left) with Panasonic GF1 (right)

Side by side: panasonic LX5 (left) with Panasonic GF1 (right) from photography blog

From top to bottom : LX3 and LX5 image from quesabede

From top to bottom : LX3 and LX5 image from quesabede

Panasonic LX5 from the back, notice the new jog dial similar to Panasonic GF1 but smaller. image from quesabede

Panasonic LX5 from the back, notice the new jog dial similar to Panasonic GF1 but smaller. image from quesabede

Competitors in this advanced compact cameras are:

Canon S90 IS : less wider lens but longer (28-105mm)

Samsung EX1 / TL500 : has shorter lens but bigger aperture (24-72m f/1.8-2.4).

Ricoh GXR + S10 module : 24-72mm f/2.5-4.4, less impressive but interchangeable with other lens-sensor module

Via Photo Rumors

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Ben July 18, 2010 at 9:16 am

So for someone who was going to pick up the LX3 pretty soon here, should I wait for the LX5? I can get a LX3 for about $380 right now and I can only assume the LX5 would come in around $500. Is the LX5 going to worth the increased price of the LX3? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Enche Tjin July 18, 2010 at 10:58 am

Hi Ben, LX5 might has lower price tag, maybe around $450. LX3 might also drop to around $350 as stores tries to clear their inventory.

Anyway, it is to early to predict whether it worths to get LX5 over LX3 because We still need to check out image quality (lens and sensor has been changed) and market price.

If the improvement is not significant, then LX3 will be a better deal due to its $100 price difference (25% cheaper).

gomez July 18, 2010 at 3:54 pm

but LX5 have improved video AVCHD Lite container, improved zoom to 3.8x (it is much better than 2.5x) and other stuff too. LX5 haven’t got radical changes, but there are many things fixed than LX3. LX5 will be cost about $30-60 more than LX3, trend to this newest digital cameras is to lower price, not to higher. If cost of LX5 will be +30%, its pointless and better is LX3 for that price.

Enche Tjin July 18, 2010 at 10:48 pm

About the lens, if the improved 3.8x degrade the image quality (distortion) then it is not very appealing to me.

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