Canon 60D vs Canon 7D

by Enche Tjin on August 27, 2010

Canon 60D [Price $1099], is not camera than one year old Canon 7D [Price $1535], however, it has a few nice points about it that make it more desirable than 7D.


Let’s take a look on their differences:

Canon 60D advantages:

  • 3 inch LCD screen, 3:2 aspect ratio, swivel.
  • Smaller and 20% lighter
  • Accept SD card than more expensive CF card
  • Adjustable auto ISO limit
  • Creative filter effects such as miniature, grainy B&W, toy camera and soft focus
  • About $500 cheaper

And Canon 7D advantages:

  • Faster continuous shooting (8 vs 5.7 fps)
  • Bigger buffer size for JPG (126 vs 56)
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • AF adjustment
  • Use CF card (relatively faster and more reliable)
  • Bigger viewfinder (100% coverage vs 96)

Overall, Canon 7D is a better camera, especially for sports/candid photography. 7D is also more durable and has weather resistant body. However, Canon 60D has swivel LCD, which might help for shooting in awkward angle especially during video recording. It is approx. $500 cheaper, accept SD card. These feats make 60D an ideal upgrade for Canon rebel series or compact cameras users.

Table Comparison Canon 60D vs Canon 7D

Canon 7D Canon 60D
Image 18 MP / APS-C Sensor 18 MP / APS-C Sensor
LCD 3 inch, 910k resolution 3 inch, 3:2 aspect ratio, 1 million resolution, swivel LCD
Processor Dual DIGIC IV DIGIC IV
Auto Focus Customizable 19 AF points 9 AF points
ISO ISO 100-12800, good up to 3200, auto iso up to 3200 ISO 100-12800, good up to 3200, adjustable auto ISO limit
Movie recording Full HD 1080i, 24, 25, 30 fps Full HD 1080i, 24, 25, 30 fps
Continuous shooting 8 fps, buffer 126 JPG / 15 RAW 5.7 fps, buffer 56 JPG, 16 RAW
Handling/Control AF adjustment, CF card SD card, no mini joystick but adds 8 way controllers
Body material Magnesium alloy body Alumunium chassis with polycarbonate resin and glass fibre coating
Price $1535 Approx. $1050
Size/Weight 148 x 111 x 74 mm  / 904 g (2.0 lb) 145 x 106 x 79 mm  / 755 g (1.6 lb)
Viewfinder 100% coverage, 1.0x magnification 96% coverage, .95x magnification
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Alex August 27, 2010 at 8:23 am

Thx for sharing. I was waiting for this release but as for me it’s disappointing. IMHO Canon 60D is not much better than 50D.

Enche Tjin August 27, 2010 at 9:15 am

you’re welcome. 7D will be the upgrade from 50D.

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