Event Photography Handbook

by Enche Tjin on August 9, 2010

Event photography is one of the most popular job for pro photographers. Demand of event photographers are generally high. There are also a lot variety of events one can shoot professionally: corporate events, sporting events, college events, birthday, wedding, and so on.

event-photography-handbookI give the author a thumbs up on having the guts to discuss about event photography (including the business side) in a 129 pages book.

However, the explanation of the book is too general (as in a lot of Amherst published book), with little specific technical how to, and mediocre photos.

There are many photos inside the book, however, almost all of them are mediocre at best. Seems like the photographers do not consider artistic aspect of photography, instead what they consider great photo seems to be photo that is well lit with posed smiling faces (most with on-camera flash). It is quite ironic because the authors advise readers to show only best photos.

Despite the negativity, the authors does introduce aspects of event photography well. It give you and idea what to expect on the events. It also point out some bad experiences and challenges they face in location and some idea how to fix or avoid them. It also give you some general ideas about how to get started such as finding your customers, pricing, promotion etc.

This book will definitely give u an idea about business aspect of event photography, and get you started, but unfortunately, it won’t make you a great event photographer.

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