Why many people hate Canon 60D

by Enche Tjin on August 27, 2010

Canon 60D just announced two days ago, but it already yield many strong reactions.


Basically people are upset because they are expecting 60D to be a better camera than Canon 50D. Most of them might be 30D, 40D users who plan to upgrade but disappointed in how small the improvement from 40D to 50D.

Unfortunately, Canon has to disappoint them because of their new pricing strategy. A while ago, Canon found out through research that many will be willing to buy top of the line DSLR for over$1500. Therefore, Canon released 7D last year and price it above $1500 and equipped it with wonderful advanced features.

Over the years, many Canon users use to think X0D line as Canon advanced camera for sports and candid shooting, which has great built quality. Now, Canon has betrayed them with 60D. 60D is worst than 50D or 40D in continuous shooting speed (which is important for candid) and built quality.

I think instead of naming this camera 60D, Canon should use different naming, such as Canon Super Rebel, or Canon 700D . If they do, they might not get these reactions which will potentially hurt their sales.

Although 60D ignites many negative reactions, the camera itself is not bad at all. It is better than Rebel series such as T1i and T2i (500D, 550D), but not as expensive as Canon 7D. It is also great for filmmakers/multimedia artists.

“Since the 60D does everything video-wise that the 7D does but now has an articulated screen, these things will sell like hotcakes to independent (and increasingly not-so-independent) filmmakers – George Feucht

Will Canon 60D succeed? It is hard to predict, because they are many strong competitor at this price point. For example, upcoming Nikon D7000, Sony A580 and A55. Consumers may also confuse 60D with Canon T2i, which has some similarity but selling in lower price point.


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