Digital photography for next to nothing – book review

by Enche Tjin on September 17, 2010

Digital photography for next to nothing: Free and Low Cost Hardware and Software to Help You Shoot Like a Pro by John Lewell is a remarkable book that talk about how you thrive in digital photography with little or no budget.

digital-photography-next-to-nothingThe author gives you plenty ideas such as how to get best value cameras and lenses. He also give you a list of lens that he thinks has a great value. He also give you ideas how to cut the cost down such as building your own macro studio tabletop studio, making your own lens hood, how to clean camera sensor, etc. In addition, it also gives you basic shooting tips.

By following tips from this book, you can definitely save hundreds or even thousands. This book is essential for beginner that passionate and and serious about digital photography but don’t have big budget to do so.

The only thing that concern me about this book is it won’t age well. Some idea that discussed in the book will eventually out of date, and also when talking about camera gears, the author is more biased toward Nikon.

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