What’s up Photokina 2010?

by Enche Tjin on September 21, 2010

Photokina is the biggest photography related trade show that held once every twice year in Cologne, Germany. This year, it is held from 21st September to 26th September.


Many prominent companies such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others will use this event to launch their new products. Over 60.000 attendees are expected on this massive show.

This post will compile about news and new product that showcased on Photokina 2010. I will update it regularly until the show ended.

There are many new products released or shown in Photokina Here are most of them:


Canon cameras

  • Canon G12 : Advanced compact camera with improved video recording and front dial.
  • Canon S95 : Advanced compact camera with improved video and handling.
  • Canon 60D : Designed to bridge Canon beginner DSLR and top DSLR (7D), 60D has articulated screen, and inherits most feature from 7D minus the magnesium alloy body and AF fine tuning.
  • Canon SX30IS : Superzoom camera, with a huge 35x zoom capabilities.

Canon lenses

  • Canon 8-15mm  f/4 L Fisheye
  • Canon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 L IS USM
  • Canon 300, 400, 500 and 600mm (The last two lenses is under development)

Canon is a bit less prominent this year because there are no new great cameras announced. Beside mid-range Canon 60D, there are no indication that Canon will release more advanced camera such as 1ds series or full frame cameras.

However, Canon updates two of their best selling advanced compact, G12 and S95 plus Canon 60D, which is a step up from the popular Canon Rebel series (T2i, T1i, etc).

In lenses department, Canon continues to lead with releasing unique 8-15mm fisheye lens, a compact high quality telephoto zoom lens and revising their super telephoto lenses for sports or wildlife photography.


Nikon cameras:

  • Nikon P7000 : Advanced camera similar to Canon G series design, with optical viewfinder and extensive dials and buttons.
  • Nikon D7000 : Nikon 16 MP camera. The first Nikon camera to have more than 12 MP. It might be the best Nikon DSLR camera at the moment.
  • Nikon D3100 : Nikon 14 MP camera designed for beginners. It can record 1080p video which differentiate D3100 with D3000.
Nikon D7000 leading the charge at Photokina 2010

Nikon D7000 leading the charge at Photokina 2010

Nikon also releases many lenses, most of it are designed for FX (full frame camera). These new lenses put Nikon closer to Canon in lens collection.

  • Nikon 35mm f/1.4G N
  • Nikon 200mm f/2G VR
  • Nikon 85mm f/1.4G N
  • Nikon 24-120mm f/4G N
  • Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6
  • Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR


Sony new cameras

Sony lenses

  • Sony 24mm f/2 SSM
  • Sony 85mm f/1.8
  • Sony DT 35mm f/1.8
long awaited Sony A700 replacement prototype - 2011?

long awaited Sony A700 replacement prototype - 2011?

Sony A55 and A33 might attract crowd in this Photokina because it is unique and innovative. It employ electronic viewfinder instead of optical viewfinder. As a result, it is smaller than most DSLR cameras and capable to shoot in fast continuous shooting.

In lens department, Sony releases three new lenses. The 24mm is designed primarily for full frame cameras, and two others are inexpensive prime lenses for beginners.


Pentax new cameras:

  • Pentax K-5 : Pentax flagship camera, replacing Pentax K7.
  • Pentax K-r : Pentax new mid-range camera
  • Pentax Optio RS1000 : Simple point & shoot compact with changeable cover.

Pentax new lenses:


Sigma new camera:

  • Sigma SD1 : Flagship 46 MP FOVEON sensor camera . It has dual processor and weather sealed.

Sigma new lenses:

  • Sigma 150mm f/2.8 macro with image stabilization
  • 120-300mm f/2.8 with image stabilization

Sigma flash : EF-610 DG Super flash, EF-610 DG ST electronic flash. Designed to be compatible with popular DSLR cameras.


Leica new cameras:

  • Leica D-Lux 5 – Panasonic LX5 rebranded
  • Leica V-Lux 2 – Superzoom 24X camera
  • Leica M9 Titanium, limited edition, only 500 produced. $22000 each.
  • Black Leica X1


Olympus new cameras:

  • Olympus Zuiko advanced compact prototype: Look much a like to Canon S90 or Leica D-Lux design.
  • Olympus E-5 : Flagship Olympus camera replacing three years old E-3. It is weather-sealed and has 12 MP sensor, 3″ articulating LCD screen and record 720p video.

Olympus new lenses for micro four thirds system:

  • Olympus 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 & new lens roadmap
  • Olympus 14-150mm f/4-5.6

Olympus News: Olympus won’t develop four thirds lens anymore and will continue to focus on micro four thirds system. However, there will be more four thirds system camera body. Big chance it will be successor of E-620 and E-30.


Panasonic GH2 with 100-300mm super telephoto lens

Panasonic GH2 with 100-300mm super telephoto lens

Panasonic new cameras:

  • Panasonic GH2 : Top micro four thirds camera focused on still and video recording. Reported to have fastest auto focus.

Panasonic new lenses:

  • Panasonic 14mm f/2.8 (equiv to 28mm).
  • Panasonic 100-300mm F4-5.6 OIS (equiv to 200-600mm)
  • Panasonic 12.5 3D lens
  • Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 (fast standard zoom lens under development)


Samsung new cameras:

Samsung new lenses

Samsung NX100 zebra version. Looks cute but is it a limited edition?

Samsung NX100 zebra version. Looks cute but is it a limited edition?


Fuji shocks the world with announcing X100 development. It will surely be a hit amongs “older” photography community.

  • Fuji Finepix X100 – Innovative digital camera with classic rangefinder design. (In development). According to engadget, the price  will be $1000 and available March 2011.



  • Ricoh A12, 28mm f/2.5 equivalent lens for Ricoh GXR system : As promised early this year.
  • Ricoh G700SE : weather & shock proof compact camera with Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and wifi (b/g) antennas (and a WPS button for easy wifi connectivity). Also available two optional addon modules: a GPS unit with digital compass for geotagging images (also water-, dust-, and shock-proof), and a laser barcode scanner unit.
  • Ricoh plans an expansion unit for GXR system in 2011. We don’t know which lens mount it will use yet.
  • New unit roadmap. APS-C sensor module with popular around 24-70mm will be available in 2010.



News: Zeiss will stop making K-mount ZK lenses for Pentax or Samsung digital SLR cameras.


News: Lensbaby will make lensbaby composer available for micro four thirds and Sony NEX mount.

Nikon four new lenses | Nikon lens bonanzaCanon four new lenses | Ricoh GXR system | Sony new lenses

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