Best advanced DSLR camera 2010

by Enche Tjin on October 27, 2010

Advanced camera is designed towards experienced photographer. It is generally more responsive, has higher built-quality, many of them are weather sealed, and has the lastest manufacturer technology. It is a great investment for photographer that serious about their craft and does not bother the weight, size and price of advanced DSLR camera.

1. Nikon D7000 (best advanced DSLR camera 2010)

Nikon D7000 is improved version of highly popular Nikon D90. It has been improved in many areas such as image resolution (from 12 to 16 MP), ISO latitude, build quality, faster continuous shooting and higher res video cards. It also has useful advanced feature such as AF fine tuning and dual SD card slots for backup and extended shooting period. Selling at $1200, D7000 is regarded great value for money and it will sell very well in advanced DSLR camera category.


+ Great in high ISO setting. 3200 image is clean from noise
+ Sturdy built thanks to partial magnesium alloy casing
+ Fast continuous focus (6 fps)
+ 1080 video recording
+ Dual SD card slots
- Continuous AF in live view/video is not very practical
- AF tracking is not as good as 51 AF system
- Might not balance well with heavier / fat lenses

2. Canon 60D

Unlike Nikon D7000 which is improvement of D90, Canon has a bit different approach here. Instead of improving Canon 50D, 60D has a bit different concept. One noticeable different is addition of swivel LCD screen. This LCD screen is very useful when shooting  in awkward angle and indispensable in video recording. 60D is also smaller than Canon 50D. It accepts SD card instead of CF card. Interface is also changed in a good way. No more joystick but there is 8 ways controller. The popular round / ring dial is fortunately still there.

Unfortunately, Canon 60D lose AF fine tuning which is useful to precisely correct AF front / back focus for lenses. It also lose magnesium alloy casing.

Overall, Canon 60D is a solid DSLR camera for either beginner and advanced. For video shooters, Canon 60D is one of the best camera to get after Canon 5D mark II.


+ Swivel, 3:2 ratio hi-res LCD screen
+ New 8 way controller is better than joystick
+ Excellent handling and control, enjoyable to use
+ Smaller than 50D or 7D but big enough to balance big lenses
+ Weather sealed
+ 1080 video recording
+ SD card instead of CF card
+ 18 MP is one of the highest res camera in the market
+ Relatively inexpensive
- Plastic casing
- No AF fine tuning

3. Pentax K5

Pentax-K-5Pentax K5 is the new flagship, the best Pentax DSLR in the market today. At a glance, it looks like Nikon D7000. It has the same 16 MP sensor, has almost similar size body and record 1080p. It has several significant differences tho. Pentax K5 is a very rugged camera, able to withstand extreme environmental condition. It employs built-in image stabilization instead of lens-based image stabilization. Overall, it is a very capable camera and will last for a long time.

Unfortunately, K5 is a bit expensive. It is $300 more expensive than Nikon D7000. Furthermore, Pentax lens and flash collection is limited compared to Nikon or Canon. You should definitely consider the whole system before getting into Pentax system.

+ Weather sealed
+ Shake Reduction (built-in image stabilization)
+ Compact form factor
+ Great in high ISO setting comparable to Nikon D7000
+ Record 1080 video
- $300 more expensive than Nikon D7000
- Limited lens collection
- Limited upgrade path

4. Olympus E-5

E-5 is Olympus four thirds system flagship camera. It is improved from three years old Olympus E-3. Some notable improvement include 3″ hi res LCD screen and video recording feature. It also has 12 MP image sensor.

Overall it is a very solid camera, but I feel it is a bit too big, especially the trend gravitate to more compact advanced camera. The most important thing is this might be the last Olympus four thirds system camera. It seems like the four thirds system will be soon abandoned by Olympus because they want to concentrate on micro four thirds system which has different mount and concept. Unfortunately, you might not have choice especially if you have invested heavily in this system.


+ Weather sealed
+ Very fast AF especially with 12-60mm Zuiko lens
+ Hi res 3″ Swivel LCD screen
- Might be the last Olympus DSLR for classic 4/3 system
- Smaller sensor than most DSLR
- Most expensive compared to other advanced compact camera released in 2010
- Only record 720p video

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Maneesh October 27, 2010 at 10:06 am

Great post… very informative and very detailed one… gives all informaton…

Camera October 27, 2010 at 7:03 pm

Awesome, I need to apply this

Keith October 28, 2010 at 12:44 pm

Very nice, but there are some good things to add to E-5 that are missing :)

Built in IS – up to 5 stops
Dual Slots – CF 1+2 and SD, SDHC, SDXC
Magnesium Body

maybe also…
Art Filters – for use with video as well
Lens fine tuning

Just my opinion, won’t sway my decision regardless.

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