Panasonic GF2 vs GF1

by Enche Tjin on November 17, 2010

Panasonic GF2 is successor to Panasonic GF1 which is a compact micro four thirds system camera. GF1 is very popular among enthusiasts photographers that are looking for quality and responsive camera in small form factor. A year later, Panasonic updates the GF series. Is the later camera is always better than the first? Let’s check it out!



GF2’s image sensor is unchanged, but it got new processor that will improve the quality of processing, especially to handle noise in high ISO setting. GF2 now offer 100-6400 ISO compare to GF1 100-1600 (2 stops different). In reality, the improvement might be just one stop. GF2 wins.


Camera built quality remain the same. Both cameras has sturdy alumunium casing and 3″ LCD 460k. It is a tie.


GF2 employs touch screen LCD to change setting and auto focus rapidly. While GF1 employs more traditional approach. GF1 has mode dial, and dedicated release mode lever. As the compensation, GF2 gets the dedicated intelligent auto button. This decision shows that GF2 is geared more for point of shoot camera shooters. The touchscreen might be more popular for touchscreen compact camera shooters but for amateur photographers, more dials, buttons are usually better. It’s a tie.


GF2 is smaller than GF1 by approximate 19% reduction in body volume, accompanied by a 7% drop in body-only weight. GF2 wins.


GF2 is able to record up to 1080p, GF1 only up to 720p.


It is hard to improve already very good Panasonic GF1, and it seems like their performance is the same. Both camera use the same 3-point TTL contrast-detection autofocusing system, and includes an AF-assist lamp to help with focusing in low-light conditions.


Both cameras belong to micro four thirds system.


Overall, Panasonic GF2 is a better camera than GF1, It has new image processing engine, smaller in size and weight, and record video quality. But GF2 will be selling at the higher price, so if you don’t perceive these improvements are crucial, then Panasonic GF1 is a nice deal, especially if you like traditional DSLR interface rather than touchscreen-based, simplified interface.

Panasonic GF1 vs GF2 comparison table

Panasonic GF2 Panasonic GF1
Image 12 MP four thirds sensor (2x crop) 12 MP four thirds sensor (2x crop)
LCD 3 inch 460k dots touchscreen LCD 3 inch 910k dots 4:3 aspect ratio
ISO ISO 100-6400 ISO 100-1600
Movie recording 1080p 720p
Continuous shooting 3 fps 3 fps
Other features Mode dial, drive mode lever, AF/AE Lock
Body material Alumunium Alumunium
Price $700 with 14mm lens $800-1000 with 14-45mm or 20mm lens
Size/Weight 113 x 68 x 33mm / 265g (without lens and battery) 119 x 71 x 36mm / 285 g
Viewfinder 202,000 dots, 60 frame per second refresh, and 1.04x magnification. 202,000 dots, 60 frame per second refresh, and 1.04x magnification.

Top: Panasonic GF2, below: GF1, Notice that the mode dial has disappear.

Top: Panasonic GF2, below: GF1. GF2 is slightly slimmer

Top: Panasonic GF2, below: GF1. GF2 is slightly slimmer

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Panasonic GF2 November 18, 2010 at 5:49 am

Panasonic provides announced the Lumix DMC-GF2 Mini 4 Thirds camera. Any simplified model with the corporation’s GF1, Panasonic GF2 inherits the same flat-body layout but with revised handle layout and touch-screen manage.
You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

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