Canon finally joins mirrorless camera crowds (rumor leaked!)

by Enche Tjin on December 10, 2010

After one a half years after Olympus and Panasonic announces micro four thirds system, the first mirrorless interchangeable camera system.

Canon leaked mirrorless system will be probably called Canon EIS (Electronic Image System). It will has smaller sensor than Canon EOS DSLR system and almost similar to Olympus-Panasonic four thirds sensor. The reason of smaller size sensor size maybe is because Canon wants to design the smallest interchangeable camera and lenses possible.

Although the sensor size is small, but their first camera will has 22 MP sensor (18mm x 12mm) with back illuminated design. Optional 9 MP mode will also available to get the highest quality image possible with this sensor.

This sensor will has the highest image resolution compared to other mirrorless system cameras and most of DSLR cameras.


Lens roadmap is also leaked. Here it is:

  • Expected lenses at release: 12-75mm f/2.8-4 IS Macro and 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 IS.
  • Lenses in development: 8-25mm f/4, 14mm f/2, 25mm f/1.2, 45mm f/1.5 and 65mm f/2.0 Macro.

From the lens roadmap, it seems that this system is not only appeal to consumers or beginners. For Canon EOS DSLR shooters, adapter will be provided and it will be able to auto focus.

Will this new system will replace the DSLR EOS system in the future? or just another system to compete with other mirrorless system such as Sony NEX and Olympus-Panasonic Micro four thirds system? We don’t know yet. According to the leak, the system might be available second quarter next year.

Via DigitalRev, EOSHD

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Rob Osterndorff December 31, 2010 at 1:57 am

Replace EOS? Realy? Do they realize how many of us pros would rather change brands before we give up our L lenses (Sony comes to mind). All this for smaller? I have large hands and the last thing I want is a camera body that is the size of a toy. Now, if they would apply this technology to a full frame body then maybe I might be tempted. If I want the smallest interchangeable camera and lens I’ll dust off my Pentax Auto 110 Super with it’s f/2.8 lenses and scan the negs. And, please, no more pop up flashes, they suck.

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